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One Word May Writing Prompts - Lesson Pros

Hello beautiful people,
I am pleased to see all of you back for our monthly writing prompts and welcome everyone who is new to our site.

For the month of May, we will be celebrating the rebirth and growth of our inner selves. With this, I have a short writing exercise to help us look inward.
There are three questions I want you to ask yourself.

First, how are you feeling right now? Really think about this and write down everything you are currently feeling and experiencing in your life.

Second, I want you to ask yourself, how do you want to be feeling at this very moment? Let all of it spill out. This can be written in any way you feel most comfortable. Write a list, sentences, a song, whatever allows you to express how you want to feel.

And third, what are three steps you can take today to close the gap between how you are feeling and how you want to feel?

This exercise has been extremely helpful for me, and I hope you all have a good experience with it. Now, let's take a look at our spring one-word writing prompts.


If you can take a moment every day to stop, close your eyes, and breathe you will be developing a new technique to ground yourself in the present moment. This can be a helpful tool that can be carried throughout the rest of your life.


Do you have a mantra? If so, what is it? One of my favorites is, "No one can take your joy."

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May 1 Beginning
May 2 Road
May 3 Show
May 4 Desperate
May 5 Odd
May 6 Headline
May 7 Public
May 8 Crushed
May 9 Mother
May 10 Weepy
May 11 Euphemism
May 12 Dismayed
May 13 Idea
May 14 Delighted
May 15 Keys
May 16 Amused
May 17 Hopeful
May 18 Charmed
May 19 Pack
May 20 Cold
May 21 Opportunity
May 22 Deja Vu
May 23 Always
May 24 Enthusiastic
May 25 Dying
May 26 Jealous
May 27 Double
May 28 Bee
May 29 Thunder
May 30 Optomistic
May 31 Ghost
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