#049 - One Word JULY Writing Prompts - Start with One Word and Become A Better Writer - Lesson Pros

#049 - One Word JULY Writing Prompts - Start with One Word and Become A Better Writer - Lesson Pros

One Word July Writing Prompts - Lesson Pros

It is now July, a time to reflect with ease, and what better way to do that than with some writing prompts?

For our July Word Writing Prompts, I urge you to take a look back on your life. Instead of our typically one-word prompts, I encourage you to look at each word from two different lenses. The first lens illustrates how you would respond to this word if it were coming from your past. And the second lens of how you see the world today. A brief example of this idea using the word tenacious:

  • Past: The world requires tenacity in order to survive it.
  • Present: It was easy to let go because of her unconditional, tenacious love.
Now, I leave it up to you. 

A brief account of my day:

As the minutes tick on and the hours pass by, I find myself getting lost in this concept of time. It passes, and I let it. Though when I ask myself, why? Why let this time drift off into the abyss? I find myself asking then, why not? Why not let the time go and fade into my memory? And I am at peace—for the time being, at least.
It is interesting to me how each of us goes through phases. A moment ago everything mattered with a vigor that pulled at each ounce of my soul, yet now time passes with ease and grace, unconcerned for any waste. I feel more content and at ease. I suppose these are my reflections for the beginning of this month.


Challenging your mind by looking at words from different perspectives can help you grow as a writer and an individual.


How have you changed throughout the past few years?

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July 1 Heart
July 2 Weight
July 3 Jeans
July 4 Charisma
July 5 Live
July 6 Gold
July 7 Award
July 8 Sand
July 9 Concert
July 10 Magnolia
July 11 Vile
July 12 Shiver
July 13 Blood
July 14 Fear
July 15 Confetti
July 16 Ink
July 17 Bed
July 18 Frugal
July 19 Watch
July 20 Ease
July 21 Reflection
July 22 Drum
July 23 Warmth
July 24 Ribbon
July 25 Loud
July 26 Pyramid
July 27 Wings
July 28 Light
July 29 Argument
July 30 Faith
July 31 Betrayal
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