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Dear Readers, Writing is something that we have grown to love deeply over the past few years. We worked on our post 365 Writing Prompt Ideas and became captivated with the need to share our passion for writing with all of you. This led us to create one word writing prompts for each month of the year. And so it begins. Welcome to January. 


To start, these words can be used in various ways writing songs, stories, poems, scripts, comics, speeches, journals, whatever your heart desires. Now, with that being said, let's take a look at our first word. The word for today is postcard. Start writing the first things that come to your mind when you think of the word postcard. If you are struggling with this, that is okay. We really want you to try to come up with something, even if it is just one sentence.


Using a word in an opening line.
To give you an example. We're going to write a sentence using the word secure.
  • "Is the package secure?"
  • Each of them had secured their harnesses, but still, her throat tightened, and her stomach dropped as the plane door began to open.
  • The security / made him feel at ease / in the warmth of home.
  • He felt secure, but still unsure because this whole plan felt premature.
What the word sparked in my mind.
Still using secure, I am now going to show you some examples of other routes you can take with your words.
  • The snow is floating softly, twinkling as the sun rises from a peaceful night's rest. Warm tea fills my stomach as I sit watching the snowfall. Today I have no responsibilities. I am secure in where I am in my life, and I am happy. Content, I take another sip of tea.
  • "Checks are in." A coworker howlers across the office floor. I have to make a conscious effort not to wring my hands together, a tick I picked up somewhere along the way. I never noticed it until my mother continued to bring it up whenever we were together. Now, I can hear her scolding voice in my head, telling me to cut it out. Still, my body is tense waiting to see this month's check.
There are of course many other ways to use this word. These are just a few examples to get your mind going if you are struggling to find a direction to go in.


The time has come for you to have some fun with the word. There are no rules here; write when and what you can. We encourage you to use writing as a way to take time for yourself every day. We want this to be a positive experience that pushes you to think more creatively.


Here are the Lesson Pros Top 10 January Writing Books and Gadgets:
  1. 642 Things to Write About: (Guided Journal, Creative Writing, Writing Prompt Journal) Diary
  2. 500 Writing Prompts
  3. Burn After Writing Paperback
  4. Best Self WordSmith Deck - Prompts Designed to Inspire Journaling, Cure Writer's Block, Cultivate Creative Writing and Sharpen Writing Skills
  5. The Writing Strategies Book
  6. Computer Office Small Desk 47", Study Writing Table
  7. 7 Essential Writing Tools That Will Absolutely Make Your Writing Better
  8. Fire HD 8 Tablet, 8" HD display, 32 GB
  9. Digital Voice Recorder Voice Activated Recorder
  10. Writing Tools: 55 Essential Strategies for Every Writer


Work towards finding time every day to write. With January being the coldest month in the Northern Hemisphere, it is a great time to hunker down and get cozy. Writing daily has been shown to help reduce stress, while also creating a positive habit that can be applied to many aspects of life. If writing daily is too much, try weekly or monthly. Each month we will be coming out will a new list of word prompts, so pick a word that resonates most with you.


What word prompt did you find the easiest to write about this month?

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January 1 Postcard
January 2 Sleep
January 3 Hole
January 4 Hospital
January 5 Shatter
January 6 Curiosity
January 7 Set
January 8 Safe
January 9 Betrayal
January 10 Machine
January 11 Basket
January 12 Color
January 13 Break
January 14 Wishes
January 15 Yellow
January 16 Serious
January 17 Chains
January 18 Tag
January 19 Picture
January 20 Wall
January 21 Fragile
January 22 Pond
January 23 Candy
January 24 Volume
January 25 Risk
January 26 Horse
January 27 Lace
January 28 Bug
January 29 Fine
January 30 Vintage
January 31 Vanilla
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