#056 - Melodic Banjo or Start with Scruggs Style Where Should I Start? - Lesson Pros

#056 - Melodic Banjo or Start with Scruggs Style Where Should I Start? - Lesson Pros


In my opinion, it's best to start with a solid foundation before advancing to more complex concepts, such as melodic style playing. I wouldn't recommend starting with playing the banjo first because it's one of the hardest instruments to perform.

I think it's important to start small and feel good about yourself when you accomplish your goals. When studying any instrument, one of the best ways to maintain momentum is to build confidence along the way. If you start with the hardest thing to learn and find it too hard or too challenging, it might be frustrating and damaging to your enthusiasm to play more.

Here is a link to the best recourse a banjo player could want:
Earl Scruggs and the 5 String Banjo - This is Earl Scruggs' book, and every great banjo player I've ever come in contact with has told me that this was the book that gave them the solid foundation they needed to succeed. For melodic style playing,

Here's a link to Tony Trishka's Book, which most melodic-style players use to learn. It's also strongly advised that, once you've been playing for a while, you seek the advice of a private teacher to begin learning melodic playing as well, as it can be challenging at first.

If you are a beginner banjo player here is a great book we can recommend. Banjo Premier Book for Beginners

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