#058 - Bass Review - Chadwick Folding Bass - Lesson Pros

#058 - Bass Review - Chadwick Folding Bass - Lesson Pros

Ask any bassist what is their biggest pain?

They will tell you only one thing, carrying the bass on long distances. I got a chance to play the Chadwick folding bass. Keep reading for results.

Bass Review—Chadwick's folding bass has all the features you are always looking for in an ideal folding bass. It is a ¾ bass with a neck that can fold into the bass. The foldable neck and hard case make it easier to carry and travel with. How convenient!

The invention of Chadwick Folding Bass

The bass is the brainchild of Charlie Chadwick - a Nashville musician who suffered the frustrations of traveling with an upright bass. Charlie tried using different types of instruments for his performance destinations.

Small Enough to Fly, built by Shen to Charlie Chadwick's design, is truly for those who love to travel. A removable panel on the back allows the whole neck to fold into it. Since the neck can be detached, it is easily stored within the case for easy transportation. Overall, it is easily collapsed and reassembled.

Technical Specifications

Bass Facts Solid African Ebony fingerboard Spruce veneer top with pin-striped carved look Inlaid, front and back purfling Lacquer finish 50 lbs weight of bass and case 1 year warranty Included Options: Pickup installation Choice of strings Custom action Extra Charge Options: Hybrid (carved top) Matte finish Soft bass cover.

Big Enough to Play

Now, I'm sure you're thinking about its sound quality. Big-name players like Barry Bales, Mark Schatz, and Mike Bub have used it. It sounds as good as any other high-quality upright bass.

“Since playing the bass, here are some things I would like to point out.” Chuck says, “ It looks great under stage lights and comes with a Fishman Full Circle pickup. It plays great and, sonically, fits well into a mix when I needed to amplify the bass, I used it primarily with a bluegrass band. The best part of Chadwick bass is that it can be fully customized. The Chadwick folding bass is an upright bass you need to own. Highly recommended!”

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