#066 - Acoustic Guitar Recommendations by Lesson Pros - Beginner to Advanced

#066 - Acoustic Guitar Recommendations by Lesson Pros - Beginner to Advanced

Acoustic Guitar Recommendations - Beginner to Advanced by Lesson Pros

One of the number one questions we get is, “What guitar should I buy?”

Have you ever been spellbound by an acoustic guitar's soothing tones and soulful strumming? This recognizable instrument is more than just a block of wood with strings; it opens doors to a world of melodic invention, from powerful chord progressions to fingerpicking tunes. In contrast to its electric cousin, the acoustic guitar projects sound via its resonant body, producing a cozy, natural listening environment.

A Universe of Styles at Your Fingertips:

The acoustic guitar's adaptability is what makes it so beautiful. There's an acoustic guitar style just waiting to be discovered, whether you're drawn to the contagious exuberance of folk music or the contemplative sorrow of blues. Perhaps you are drawn to the complex fingerpicking rhythms of flamenco, or maybe you are drawn to the steady strumming of reggae. The acoustic guitar can be your reliable friend, regardless of your taste in music.

An Instrument Steeped in History:

The history of the acoustic guitar spans centuries, progressing from basic folk instruments to the contemporary masterpieces we are familiar with today. The acoustic guitar has absorbed influences from various cultures, from the rich legacy of Spanish vihuelas to the bluesy twang of the American South, creating a tapestry of sound that continues to inspire performers worldwide.

Building Your Acoustic Arsenal:

Any skill level or musical taste aside, there's an ideal acoustic guitar out there just waiting for you. Acoustic guitars come in a wide variety of genres, each with a distinctive tone and feel when played. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Auditorium: A guitar with a smaller body and a rich, well-balanced tone. Because of its comfortable size and crisp articulation, it's perfect for fingerpicking and nuanced playing techniques.
  • Concert: The smallest of the group, it has a clear, bright tone. The tiny size and intimate sound projection of concert-size guitars make them ideal for fingerstyle playing and delicate melodies.
  • Jumbo: Jumbos are comparable in size to dreadnoughts but with a more rounded build. Because of their booming tone and relaxed playing style, they are a fantastic option for strumming chords.
  • Grand Auditorium: A more harmonious-sounding jumbo that is marginally smaller. Because they are suitable for both fingerpicking and strumming, grand auditorium guitars are a popular choice.
  • Grand Concert Cutaway: This is like a concert guitar but with the upper bout of the body cutaway. With this cutaway, it is simpler to reach the higher frets when playing solos and leads on a smaller-bodied guitar.
  • Salon: With a deeper body, it resembles a concert guitar in both size and shape. Salon guitars are excellent for fingerpicking and classical music because of their warm, rich timbre.
  • Parlor: A cozy, warm-sounding guitar with a compact body. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, parlor guitars were very popular, and they are becoming more and more common these days. For musicians and singer-songwriters who want a more personal sound, they are an excellent option.
  • Travel: These guitars have tiny bodies for portability. For guitarists who wish to have a portable guitar or who travel frequently, these are excellent options.

Accessories for the Acoustic Guitar Recommendations by Lesson Pros

Dreadnaught Guitar Case - When purchasing a case, be sure to check the size of your guitar. 
Capo - With a capo, which is a clamp that fits over the fretboard of a guitar, you may play songs in multiple keys by shortening the strings and raising the pitch.
Tuner - By identifying the pitch of the vibrations, an electronic instrument known as an acoustic guitar tuner assists you in precisely tuning the strings of your acoustic guitar.
Straps - A long band made of leather, nylon, or cotton called an acoustic guitar strap balances the weight of the instrument over your shoulder so that it's more comfortable to hold during prolonged playing sessions.
Picks - Picks come in all different shapes and sizes each one will make your guitar sound different. If you haven't yet experimented with picks, we highly recommend you do. With the correct pick, you will be able to instantly increase your speed and timing.  
Strings - Six sets of acoustic guitar strings, with the thinnest/highest to the thickest/lowest strings being E, A, D, G, B, and E.

Acoustic Guitar Book Recommendations by Lesson Pros

Acoustic Guitar Book #1
Acoustic Guitar Book #2
Acoustic Guitar Book #3

Unleashing Your Inner Musician:

Picking up an acoustic guitar can be a rewarding experience. At Lesson Pros, we'll walk you through every step of the process, from learning the fundamental chords to chord variations and different strumming patterns via our online courses. Here are Lesson Pros Guitar Courses.

If you are interested in how to write songs, here is a great Beginner Songwriting Course

Ready to Make Some Music?

The acoustic guitar is a voice that is just waiting to be heard, not just a piece of equipment. The acoustic guitar is the ideal partner for your musical discovery because of its extensive history, infinite variety, and approachable style for beginners. We would be delighted to serve as your tour guides. Enroll in our courses right now to realize your potential and develop into a skilled acoustic guitarist!

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