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What was the purpose of making this online beginner violin course?

I set out to create an online beginner violin course that bridged the gap between private lessons and watching videos. I've been a private lessons teacher for over 20 years and have taught thousands and thousands of students. Over time I've found that there are common challenge points for all students. A challenging point is where a student for any reason, has trouble moving forward in their progression. Since no student is alike, no student will have the same challenge points as another student. When you take a broad range of student's challenge points over time, similar challenge points come up.

In typical online courses, they give you the information you're looking for. What happens is when a challenging point comes up, an instructor isn't aiding the student to overcome the challenge point. When a challenging point isn't addressed, a student can learn bad habits or simply fall through the cracks. This is the challenge I was faced with when I decided to create this course. I wanted everyone that watch my course and have success no matter the challenges.

The Main Focus

At Lesson Pros, we've always focused on growing the culture of music. This makes music lessons accessible to folks who don't have a private instructor near them or can't afford one. Many students take our course while taking private lessons at the same time. Having two points of view is really helpful to their progression as violinists.

The Process of Putting This Violin Course Together

While putting this course together, I paid a lot of attention to those common failure points. I wanted to make sure that almost every base was covered. Every detail was put in that someone would need to know. In every aspect, from never touching a violin before to the end, playing songs, reading music, and playing vibrato. I've taken my 20+ years of experience as a teacher and have honed in on the easiest ways students learn. While students learn differently, when you work with large numbers over time, some patterns already exist. I've stuck to those pillars of teaching that get the best results with the most amount of people.

The Benefits Of Online Violin Lessons

Online video lessons are great for a lot of reasons. When I teach students privately, I always have a student bring a video camera and record a recap of the lesson. They will always have it for their library so they can go back to it and review the information whenever they would like. This is the same approach this online beginner violin course has in mind. A student can pause while they are collecting their thoughts or go back in the video and watch it over again to cement a new topic. It's pretty common for most students to have some knowledge lost in-between with weekly private lessons by simply forgetting some of the material that was gone over in the lesson.

With online video lessons, you don't have to wait a week before you can continue your learning if you're a fast learner, or stay with a lesson you're trying to perfect for a longer period of time if you're a slower learner. There are skills and practice sessions built into the course where a student first learns a skill, then practices along with the instructor before moving on to a new topic.

More Challenges

This course is truly a bridge to private lessons, but in video format to learn online. The next challenge is the students themselves. It's up to the student to actually practice each skill, and this goes for both private lessons and online lessons like this online beginner violin course. A student could simply watch all the videos, not do any practice, and wonder to themselves, I watched this whole course and still don't know how to play the violin. The magic comes in the doing. It's said that a student will take around 10,000 hours of practice before they feel like they've arrived as a musician. I contend that if you're inspired to learn and practice perfectly, you can get there in far less time.

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Who is a good fit for this Online Beginner Violin Course?

Anyone wanting to learn the violin is a great fit for this course. The person who's never held a violin before, The person who's taken some lessons, stopped and wants to pick it up again. The parent who can't afford private lessons for their children and wants to give them still the gift of music or the homeschool family who wants to find creative ways to educate their kids. This is for the person who learned some bad habits or had a bad instructor and wants to go back and learn the right way. This is for the person who doesn't have access to someone who can teach them violin in their area.


What you've found is the most in-depth, comprehensive online beginner violin course found on the internet today. And for the little amount it costs, give it a shot. If you're ready to start your violin journey, click here to get started today and we'll see you inside!

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