#027 - Online Guitar Lessons Versus Private Guitar Lessons - Lesson Pros

#027 - Online Guitar Lessons Versus Private Guitar Lessons - Lesson Pros


Want to learn guitar but are confused about which learning method is the best? Don’t worry, guys. I am here to answer your questions about online guitar lessons versus private guitar lessons. I hope this information proves beneficial for you!

Online Guitar Lessons - 24/7 Availability

There’s no doubt that both methods of learning the guitar are efficient, but when we consider availability, online guitar lessons are definitely a winner. You can schedule these online video lessons according to your timetable. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to attend these lessons at a fixed time.

You can access these online video lessons 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Overall, online guitar lessons are convenient.

Anytime Review

With web-based guitar lessons, you can review previously learned techniques at any time. You can also watch online guitar video lessons. It can be very convenient to either review or watch an online guitar lesson video numerous times until the information becomes clear and the skills and guitar tricks taught can be mastered.

As students will not get this benefit in private lessons, you have a limited amount of time, usually 30-minute or 60-minute lessons. Yes, you can keep asking the instructor to help you with a particular technique which can be helpful to see your private instructor do it over and over again but remember the clock is ticking, and you will have to pay for him/her to teach it to you again and again.

Online Guitar Lessons are more Affordable

Affordability is another criteria on which we can decide which type of guitar lessons are the best. As the information is the same for all students the instructors and creators are not limited to a certain amount of students. More students mean more earnings. There is no limit to how many students can take a class online. This allows the sites to offer courses at more of a discount for students. Online guitar lessons versus private guitar lessons are 40%-50% cheaper than private lessons, maybe even more. 

Online Vs Private Guitar Lessons

Easy Picking 

With the help of online guitar lessons versus private guitar lessons, it is easy to pick up each technique or small thing. You can pause a video and notice every finger position very precisely. You can also learn different types of guitar techniques, such as bluegrass, country, rock, etc. There are various bluegrass guitar video lessons, country guitar video lessons, and rock guitar video lessons available on the internet. 


Learning guitar can be difficult when first starting out. Hang in there and get past the first 6 to 10 lessons and then things become easier.  The only thing you need is self-discipline, and the rest is readily available in the form of online guitar lessons. So, guys, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start learning today!

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