#002 Chuck and Sandi Millar Play Mazatlan, Mexico - Lesson Pros - Rest and Relax 365

#002 Chuck and Sandi Millar Play Mazatlan, Mexico - Lesson Pros - Rest and Relax 365

Mazatlan Adventure

Hey all!

How’s your day going? I wanted to touch base with you to let you know that Chuck and I are on our first Mexican adventure! While mostly sticking around the safe area for tourists called the gold zone in Mazatlan, we’ve seen and experienced some amazing people, sights, cuisine, and the traditional music of Mexico.


When we first considered going to Mexico, we had some safety concerns after hearing about drug trafficking and news about travelers being kidnapped—yikes! Our experiences have washed away our fears as we find ourselves in a genuinely friendly, clean, beautiful, and safe environment. Aside from a brief moment of uneasiness after venturing too far from our hotel late at night, our experience in Mexico has been wonderful.

Minnesota Nice

As Minnesotans, we use the word Minnesota nice, but the people we’ve met raised the bar on being friendly, inviting, and helpful. Although we are tourists and outsiders, we’ve never felt more accepted and welcomed as if we’ve been here all along.

The Gold Zone

Here are some safety recommendations if you’re planning on visiting Mazatlan. The Gold Zone is a pretty safe environment for tourists, and most native folks speak some English so that you can find what you’re looking for pretty painlessly. When venturing out of your hotel or villa, there are taxis that look more like oversized golf carts to take us to places we want to see. Taxis are an inexpensive way to get around the Gold Zone or down to Old Mazatlan outside of the Gold Zone, and you can negotiate the price if you feel comfortable spending even less on your vacation.


While it’s easy to find people who speak some English to help in the Gold Zone when you venture out of the zone, the likelihood of finding someone who speaks English is drastically diminished, so it’s helpful to go with a guide or someone you can trust to navigate the language and the landscape of where to go, and where not to go.

If you venture out of the Gold Zone, it is recommended that you travel on the main roads during the day and not wear expensive jewelry or clothes. Chuck and I always travel pretty lightly, so this isn’t a problem.

Leave An Itinerary

Other suggestions are to leave an itinerary with friends and avoid traveling alone. Ensuring you have your cell phone, that it’s charged, and that you’re in an area with service for your phone is a must to help you with safety. We have ATT Wireless, and recently, ATT purchased a Mexican wireless company. As a result, we don’t have to pay an international surcharge while traveling to certain parts of Mexico, including everywhere in Mazatlan.

Margaritas Mazatlán Mexico

It is just beautiful here, with the ocean waves crashing on the shore. We spent some time writing new songs.    

Baja Style

Baha Style

There is this fantastic restaurant and bar (Baja Style) right across from our hotel (Luna Palace). Oscar, the owner, is always there. If you end up going to this restaurant and bar, pop in and say hi from us, Chuck and Sandi.

Oscar and Isabel


We met Isabel, a beautiful woman. One night, she took us to Old Mazatlan, which was filled with people and music. It sort of reminded me of a craft fair.

Rex Rocks

We saw Rex Rocks for several nights. They can hardly speak English, but they sing like real American rock stars. 

El Cid

Also, we partied with many people at El Cid, where you can get the all-inclusive package, which includes all you can eat and drink. We just snuck in and joined the party.

I can’t wait to see you all back in the States!
Sandi Millar
Lesson Pros

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