#005 Chris Luquette - Six Strings and Soul - Wow!  What a Guitar Player! by Sandi Millar Lesson Pros

#005 Chris Luquette - Six Strings and Soul - Wow! What a Guitar Player! by Sandi Millar Lesson Pros

Six Strings and Soul
Chris Luquette
by Chuck and Sandi Millar

We had the opportunity to meet Chris Luquette at the MBOTMA (Minnesota Bluegrass and Old Time Music Association) way back in August 2017. Chuck was hired as the fiddle instructor to teach the jam camp with the national band Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen. This allowed us to hang out with a few band members, one being the charming, witty and funny Chris Luquette. Wow, what a guitar player! We were very impressed with how he handled himself in a teaching setting and he did a great job articulating his points while keeping it light and entertaining. Chris is very knowledgeable in many ways, but he’s mastered his craft on the guitar. 


Here is more information on Chris Luquette

"Chris is one of the hardest-working musicians in the Seattle music scene. You’d be hard-pressed to find another 25-year-old seamlessly switching from International Music to Jazz and from Rock to Bluegrass so comfortably. He has even studied Brazilian Jazz with Seattle-based Brazil music legend Jovino Santos Neto.

Chris’ musicianship reflects the multitude of musical influences he turns to for inspiration. His acoustic guitar playing really stands out, but this virtuosic, multi-instrumentalist is equally at home playing mandolin, drums, bass, electric guitar, banjo, and Greek bouzouki!

In addition, Chris was a founding member of Seattle-based band Northern Departure and has found himself performing onstage with the likes of Jerry Douglas, Emmylou Harris, Rob Ickes, The Steep Canyon Rangers, Kenny and Amanda Smith, The Boxcars, Yogi and The Yogini's and many others." - From dirtykitchenband.com

Seattle/Washington DC/Nashville/New York

I am currently listening to AC/DC, Norman Blake, Neil Young, Crazy Horse, Tony Rice, Weezer, Allman Brothers Band, Sea Level, Kenny Baker, Mike Munford, Noam Pikelney, Punch Brothers, Sam Bush, John McLaughlin, Mahavishnu Orchestra, and Tony Williams.

Chris is the 2013 IBMA Momentum Award winner (performer). 
Source: Chris Luquette Website

Currently playing with Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen

At the highest levels of acoustic musicianship, there exists a mystery—the mystery of tone, taste, and timing… It can best be illustrated by giving a good musician a good instrument and asking him to briefly strum, pick, and bow—whatever is required to produce the best sound. Then, by way of comparison, hand that very same instrument to a GREAT musician and ask for the same.

It is a phenomenon that manifests itself every time Frank Solivan picks up a mandolin, guitar, or violin. What you see may be the same pick or bow, on the same strings, on the same fretboard that the good player demonstrated, but the sound… Ah… there’s the difference!

In Frank’s hands, these instruments take on a life of their own. You hear power. You hear volume. You hear crispness, clarity, timing, and taste. All combined with passion and drive. A physicist might slow it down to analyze the strum against string, but he couldn’t find the answer. For that, you have to know Frank Solivan, a man who has a powerful life force that’s as raw, natural, and pure as the place he spent much of his youth, Alaska. Frank is a hunter, a fisherman, a gourmet chef, a beautiful singer, a poet, and a songwriter of tasteful ballads and blazing instrumentals. A man of sturdy build known to holler out a powerful “Son!” whether it be in response to a hot solo or some hot sauce he concocted in the kitchen. It’s as if all these things for him are an affirmation of life. An awareness that all five senses are humming along on overdrive. That life is short, and all these gifts are not to be wasted.

Those who are privileged enough to be around it are richer for it. Musicians, especially, step up their game in his presence, but I suppose you could say the same about gourmands or fishermen. People sense that life force around Frank, and they want a piece of it.

The physicist curious about the mysteries of tone, timing, and taste would do well to spend some time around Frank. He would find no definition or explanation of how it happens, but he would see it right there. And you should, too.

Source: Chris Luquette Website

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