#008 Beyond the Notes The Story of LEE MARTIN, A Young Man Who Captivates Audiences with Music by Sandi Millar Lesson Pros

#008 Beyond the Notes The Story of LEE MARTIN, A Young Man Who Captivates Audiences with Music by Sandi Millar Lesson Pros

Beyond the Notes - The Story of Lee Martin, A Young Man Who Captivates Audiences with Music
by Sandi Millar/Chuck Millar

We’ve got to know Lee Martin over the last few years; he truly is a gentleman. He’s been very welcoming in any jam we’ve been in with him, encouraging not only younger but older players to join in. A young man with a wise soul. A great player and kind-hearted. We’ll always cherish our RV jams and an unforgettable night walk to the beach with Lee and a few other musician friends. What a great moment in our music history, and it will stand out in our memories for years to come.

Lee was kind enough to interview with us. INTERVIEW WITH LEE MARTIN

More on the Bluegrass Martins 

The Bluegrass Martins are a young, entertaining, talented, and award-winning ensemble of individuals who just happened to be a part of the same amazing family. But youth and bloodline notwithstanding, their peers and their many fans agree that quality musicianship, stellar vocals, and pure entertainment.

The Bluegrass Martins have roots that run deep. They studied at the school of the masters and graduated with flying colors. Their sincere respect for traditional music is evident in every aspect of their craft, including their music and the fans that support it. It’s no surprise that this band is becoming one of the most celebrated and requested bands on the touring circuit today. For quality and professionalism personified, the name to know is the Bluegrass Martins.

Today as yesterday, bluegrass music remains as down-to-earth and as relevant as ever in the hands and hearts of those who have the desire to come of age immersed in its soul. Among today’s musicians, there is but a remnant talented enough to call forth and build upon the music’s heritage.

Bluegrass Martins are just such a band. Affirming the musical legacy they carry forward, Bluegrass Martins have begun to receive modest recognition, including being voted 12 times SPBGMA Instrumental Group of the Year by Midwest fans and winners of the SPBGMA International Bluegrass Band Championship in Nashville, TN.

Born and raised where the prairie meets the Ozark hills in Morgan County, Missouri, the band is now based in the ‘show me’ state’s capital Jefferson City. While becoming perennial favorites on the bluegrass circuit since 2001, they have entertained tens of thousands of guests at hundreds of events from California to the Carolinas, Minnesota to Texas, from Florida to Maine, and many stops between, including some trips out to Canada as well, drawing an increasing number of fans to their fold. 

They instill hope for the future of the music through their tradition honoring stagecraft, but perhaps more importantly, a younger generation of fans through their dynamic concerts, they are dedicated to paying their dues. A witness not only to the bond they share with each other but also the commitment to share their love of music with their fans, young and old. Simply put - they embody the best of bluegrass music’s heritage. 

Source: Bluegrass Martins Website

More on the Bluegrass Martins

47 SPBGMA Midwest Awards! 
including 4 Times "Vocal Group of the Year"
and "Instrumental Band of the Year" for 12 years!

Over 100 SPBGMA Midwest nominations! 

The Martins are the SPBGMA International Band Championship Winners 
2002 Silver Dollar City 'Youth In Bluegrass' Contest Winners 

Bluegrass Festivals and Other Venues

Rhonda Vincent Bahamas Bluegrass Cruise
Silver Dollar City - Branson, MO 
Music In The Mountains - Summersville, WV 
Blistered Fingers Bluegrass Festival - Sidney, ME
Podunk Bluegrass Festival - East Hartford, CT
Franklin Bluegrass Festival - Franklin, KY 
Blythe Bluegrass Festival - Blythe, CA
Starvey Creek Bluegrass Festival - Conway, MO
Turkey Track Bluegrass Festival - Waldron, AR

Television Appearances

WMBD 31 - Peoria, IL
Pepper and Friends - KOMU TV-8 - Columbia, MO
KAIT TV 8 - Jonesboro, AR

Live Radio Broadcasts

KRLL 1420 am - California, MO
Saturday Morning Classic Country Show - KS95 95.1 fm - Versailles, MO
High Lonesome Sound - KOPN 89.5 fm - Columbia, MO

Contact the Martins at:
(573) 569-1018 
Jefferson City, MO 65102
Source: Bluegrass Martin Website 

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