#017 - Backing Tracks - Creating The Perfect Practice Environment For Musicians - Lesson Pros

#017 - Backing Tracks - Creating The Perfect Practice Environment For Musicians - Lesson Pros


Hello everyone, I am back with some interesting facts about music. I know that all music lovers know about backing tracks. As we all know, becoming a better lead guitarist is not an easy task, as you have to play along with a backing track, noodle around, and try inventing solos. It takes lots of practice and hard work.

What is a Backing Track?

Basically, a backing track is a recorded musical accompaniment, especially one for a soloist to play or sing along with. It enables singers and bands to add parts to their music that would be impractical or impossible to perform live. Performing music and learning music are the two most common uses for backing tracks.

Basic Music Theory and Gear

If you want to create or record your own backing track, then there are various things that you need to have. One important thing is a basic understanding of music, such as how to harmonize a scale and how to construct chords and chord progressions, etc. After having an understanding of how to build scale-friendly songs and having a recording studio, you will be able to make a backing track for any situation.

Backing Tracks Music Instruments

Backing tracks help musicians of any kind learn their instrument. You'll find backing tracks that are geared toward lots of different instruments, including:

  • Drum Backing Tracks
  • Bluegrass Backing Tracks
  • Guitar Backing Tracks
  • Mandolin Backing Tracks
  • Banjo Backing Tracks
  • Bass Backing Tracks
  • Banjo Backing Tracks

As all of us have different types of interests, different musicians learn different instruments.

Drum Backing Tracks

Musicians usually use drum tracks for a wide range of learning and jamming purposes. This is a great opportunity for drummers, as they can play along and try to match the tempo exactly to work on their timing and chops.

Practicing with a Band is Fun!

Whatever type of instrument you're learning, practicing is way more fun when you get to play with a band. That's what backing tracks are like, except the band you get to play with is in perfect time and in perfect tune. By playing with others who are in perfect tuning, it helps you be in tune as well. Using backing tracks, it takes less practice time to get to a place where you're playing in perfect time as well. When you can have fun while practicing, it feels less like practice. Backing tracks help the students feel like they are in a band, and that's fun. As long as learning is fun, you'll get better faster.

Online Backing Tracks

Musicians can find a wide range of tracks at Lesson Pros. There are various types of tracks available, and you can view them by clicking LINK TO OUR STORE. You can easily access them anywhere, 24/7, with a single click. Just about every genre of music is available to practice. Each track will have multiple tempos as well, so whatever your ability, there's a track that's perfect for you to practice along with.


Backing Tracks can be used for live performances and it is very useful to master your favorite solos. It is absolutely the best for creating the perfect practice environment for musicians.

Lesson Pros
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