#064 - Amazing Health Benefits of Listening to Music - How Music Fuels Fitness and Wellbeing - Lesson Pros

#064 - Amazing Health Benefits of Listening to Music - How Music Fuels Fitness and Wellbeing - Lesson Pros

lessBy Chuck and Sandi Millar - Lesson Pros

You are not alone if you enjoy listening to music. Scientific research has shown that music has a variety of positive effects on our physical and mental well-being. Additionally, learning a musical instrument improves your IQ and maintains your mental acuity into old age. In this blog, I'll go over a few of the music's health benefits that have been scientifically shown.

Music Makes You Happier - The Biggest Benefit of Music

The brain is directly affected by music listening. It first releases dopamine, a feel-good neurotransmitter linked to motivation and addiction. Additionally, there is a demonstrable connection between listening to music and dopamine release, both of which contribute to happiness.

Music Enhances Running Performance

The beat, a feature of music, practically aids in the runners' performance improvement. Furthermore, the music's atmosphere plays a crucial role in fostering the ideal emotional state for running. 

Music Lowers Stress and Improves Health

Music has a profound impact on the body and the psyche. It lowers blood pressure and stress hormone levels. To put it simply, music is a very effective stress-reduction strategy.

Music Helps You Sleep Better

The direct impact that music has on the parasympathetic nervous system is another health benefit. It eases your body into a relaxed, sleep-ready state. It's hard for older individuals to fall asleep. Studies show that older persons who listen to soothing music for 45 minutes before bedtime sleep better through the night and wake up less frequently.

Music Reduces Depression

Without question, depression is now a widespread issue that plagues people everywhere. You may have seen a lot of depressed folks in your immediate vicinity. Music has great power. Music improves mood because it may convey a range of feelings. It improves functionality while reducing feelings of anxiety and depression.

Music Reduces Pain

Music might serve as a form of diversion if you want to lessen your pain without using medication. The listener feels in charge as a result. Furthermore, when you listen to music, your body releases a hormone called endorphin. It is well known that this hormone reduces pain. Among the painful conditions are rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and disc issues. There are benefits to listening to music for several health issues.


What are you waiting for? Save time and start enjoying your favorite music right away! You are aware that your favorite music is that one unique tune that emotes a feeling up and down your spine as soon as you hear it. You might feel the tears in your eyes welling up if the song is sentimental or melancholy. It can cause you to cry and destroy your heart. Resurrect a few of the long-lost memories. It is an indisputable fact that music has many positive effects. Maybe you prefer to listen to more upbeat music. That’s our jam too.

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